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dermoscope Neviscope
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Neviscope  lesions
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Neviscope lesions
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Neviscope Dermatoscope
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Neviscope  lesions
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Neviscope lesion
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Neviscope lesions
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Neviscope app  iOS Android
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Neviscope medical dermatoscope

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Neviscope is a medical device that lets you scan suspicious moles and spots and send to a certified dermatologist enabling you to detect (potential) skin cancer/ melanoma at early stages.



Dermatoscope Neviscope 007  is easy to carry. The latest model of the dermatoscope is available in a version with LED lighting that ensures correct color reflection, minimum 10-fold magnification of the image to the maximum magnification with a digital image of 100x. The dermatoscope is light, handy and reliable. The automatic switch turns off the power after about 1 minute. The Neviscope dermatoscope will notify the user when the battery is running low as well as when to recharge the battery. We charge the battery via USB for about 15 minutes.
When buying a dermatoscope, it is especially worth paying attention to the light source it uses. The presence of polarized lighting in Neviscope allows the examination to be performed faster, but certain structures of the examined lesion are better emphasized after the application of the immersion fluid. The best Neviscope image quality is provided by the highest quality LEDs, i.e. with a high color reflectance index.

Functions of the Digital Dermatoscope in conjunction with any smartphone.

The Neviscope dermatoscope along with the smartphone allows you to view the image of the pigmented lesion on the screen of the display device. Thanks to its use, we gain the possibility of conducting research with large, even several dozen times digital magnification up to 100x. The software in the form of an application provided with the Neviscope dermatoscope allows for the documentation of images and comparative observation taking into account previous studies. All this facilitates the accurate diagnosis of the examined changes.
Designed for use with a smartphone, the Neviscope dermatoscope can be easily attached to phones of various brands thanks to the universal holder.
The device allows you to visualize skin lesions in magnification. The Neviscope dermatoscope is registered as a medical device and intended for professional dermatological diagnostics and other medical applications.
Thanks to the innovative lens, skin changes can be observed at a minimum magnification of 10 times, max 100x with digital magnification.

Product details Neviscope NV007

  • Dermatoscope with a universal holder, to be mounted on any Smartphone
  • To visualize skin lesions under magnification
  •  Registered as a medical device GMDN 18021 Dermatoscopes
  • With 10x-100x lens
  • Easy to attach to your smartphone
  • Polarization allows a better representation of vascular structures
  • Equipped with a rechargeable USB rechargeable battery
  • Real-time video recording possible
  • 4 LEDs giving white, cross-polarized light
  • Diameter of the field of view 30 mm
  • At least 10x magnification
  • Automatic switch-off after approx. 1 minute
  • Dimensions: 80.5 x 40 x 20.0 mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: approx. 38 g
  • Manufacturer's warranty: 2 years

The composition of the set:
- Neviscope Dermatoscope
- free Neviscope app for iOS and Android with a list of dermatologists,
oncologists, cosmetologists whom we can contact for a consultation in real time!