Caution: Prior to using this product , please read these instructions and keep them in a safe place for
future reference.

Caution: This product is designed for external examination only. Do not look directly into the LED light.
This Neviscope is a smartphone compatible magnifier designed to allow skin lesion photography with
high magnification and clarity. It can be attached to a smartphone using a patented mount that’s
compatible with more than 90% of the smartphones on the market. The mount is positioned over the
smartphone’s camera and then placed over the area of skin that’s concerned.
To attach the Universal Mount to your smartphone, simply place it over the back of your phone .
Then adjust the position over your phone camera.

Taking a picture:
Once you have chosen a spot to photograph, lightly moisten it and the surrounding skin with hand sanitizer or similar liquid and then smear the birthmark with oil or butter. This increases the translucency of the skin and improves the quality of the image.
With the Neviscope attached to your smartphone, place the black spacer directly on the skin and push the power button to turn on the Lens. Then capture the image with your smartphone, before taking a picture.

Please note that if the focus is on the hair instead of the skin, you may have to shave the area.

HOW IT WORKS (pictures)
Works with a standard computer USB port.
Attach the mount onto your phone, lock and start.
Attach device with the smartphone and turn on the light
4. FREE Downloadable App for Android and iOS
Get the free app from the App store or Google play and follow the in-app instructions.


Pic 1 The method of using Neviscope


 Battery Charging :
Before the initial use, you should charge the device for a minimum 15 minutes via the USB charging
interface, which will display a blue light when it’s successfully charging. The product will automatically
turn off after 1 minute.

Dear User,
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Warranty Length: 2 Years

NEVISCOPE is registered trademark
All rights reserved

Neviscope Type: Deviscope NV 007 MDR EU  2017/745.

GMDN :18021 Dermatoskop

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