History of Neviscope

The Neviscope:

We are a technology company operating in the field of dermatology.

Our innovative solutions revolutionize the way in which human lives can be saved.
We develop technology supporting imaging diagnostics and digital medicine
addition of modern artificial intelligence algorithms in dermatology.
We participate in R&D projects because they support us in terms of development
scientific and technical. Our research work contributes to the development of ours
products dedicated to everyone. 
Supporting science and technology development is created in cooperation with our an outstanding team scientific .


Who is behind the creation of Neviscope? 


Yulianna Yussef - CEO& Founder of Neviscope - is a woman with a special appearance. Doctors explained that Yulianna suffers from a condition known as Congenital Melanocytic Nevus, or CMN for short. It is a special type of birthmark, or mole, that affects about 1 percent of babies worldwide. Yulianna has around 2000 birthmarks on her body.

She, more than anyone else, knows how a nevus can affect life, from being bullied and being outcast to suffering from melanoma quite a few times.

She has become business woman, influencer and opinion leader, gaining more than 116K followers who just love the content she shares with them. As an ambassador for CMN Yulianna stars in lingerie commercials, speaks openly about skin problems, inspires others and spreading awareness of the disease to all people around the world.

Once she discovered that one of her moles changing again to melanoma, but Yulianna wasn't be able to visit the dermatologist at that time. So she tried to get e- consultation by sending iPhone photos of birthmark to her dermatologist. The doctor wasn't able to diagnose the mutation by that kind of photos.

After that incident - it was melanoma, it was operated and Yulianna was treated-, she got the idea of how to keep herself and others safe.

Yulianna spent a lot of time and effort, but created NeviScope, that everyone could have at home. It makes diagnostics accessible to everyone! The NeviScope could help you to monitor the slightest changes in the comfort of your own home. With this technology (App +AI + Doctors), diagnosis has become easier so you could protect yourself and your family.

We all know how the sun could affect you, especially if you have birthmarks.

Take care of yourself. Choose yourself. Protect yourself and your family. Use Neviscope and Nevimask.